Tuscany EXHIBITS 2020

Our choice

CR Abitare has decided not to take part in this year’s trade fairs and exhibitions.

The question that naturally arises is: why this choice?

It was a thoughtful decision; we knew from the start that after such a difficult year we should for sure come back, but with a different spirit.

We will not participate in SUN 2020 and in other trade fair events because, due to the current social distancing restrictions, we cannot be as close to you as we want to be. Mobile homes must be explored. A house has to be touched, scoured and lived. We would like you to have a full experience; let you graze the materials with your hands, let you browse through all the possible color combinations and design solutions.

Given the specific temporary circumstances, exhibiting our models in fairs doesn’t feel like the right choice at the moment.

We are transforming and innovating. That’s why we think it would be easier (and safer for everyone) to personally invite you to our factory, and take you along in a beautiful journey through all the prototipes and mobile homes that we have here, exposed in our space.

We are here with you, and for you. Come see us!

Cr Abitare